Who we are

Grupo Mascardi.
Football Management.
—Since 1985.

Founded in 1985 by Gustavo Alejandro and Emilio Mascardi with the clear vision of the opportunities offered by the football market , emerging at the time.
From a wide family linked to sport, by the impulse of his father, Emilio Mascardi , Gustavo Alejandro began at an early age playing football at an amateur level , complementing his studies of Economics and Law , respectively , at the University of Buenos Aires.
Gustavo , always accompanied by Alexander as his right hand and partner, began his business career in 1976 . In 1985 acquired one share of the Market of Buenos Aires , so it becomes official agent of that market and start to act on the Stock Exchange . In 1995 , Gustavo became the first Argentine to obtain the official license to represent football players.
Professional education , training and business financial market activity coupled with their passion for football would eventually define his future as entrepreneurs.
mascardi_foto-2Over the years, we have achieved and surpassed many of the original objectives, accounting for more than 160 top players and assisting in some of the most significant shifts in recent years.
From the beginning until now, we are oriented towards business and professional development of the vast world of football, identifying all the possibilities offered by commercial exploitation.
Now we look to the future as we continue to grow, incorporating the third generation, Stefano and Francisco Mascardi. We keep in constant evolution, without forgetting our roots, keeping pace with the aplomb of market experience. —